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As a composer

Han Jiang covers a wide span of genres from soundtracks to serious music, from songs to symphonies. His works break the technical barriers of music schools in search for their commonalities in essence. At the same time, he also endeavors to retain the characteristic of his home culture in his works.


Mr. Jiang’s works, including Jasmine FlowerA Moonlit Night on the Spring RiverPeking Opera on Black Keys commissioned by RCM, Floating Ink commissioned by China Youth Symphony Orchestra, and chamber music Weeping Dewdrops, Drizzle, and Sorrowful Farewell commissioned by Ablaze Record have been performed frequently in Beijing, Guangzhou, Vancouver, New York, Lucca, and Taipei.

Numerous works of Mr. Jiang’s elementary through advanced level piano music are published in the Frederick Harris Music Co., and many piano pieces are included in the syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), including Peking Opera on Black Keys in Level 2 Etude, Jasmine Flower in Level 6 Repertoire, A Moonlit Night on the Spring River in Level 9 Repertoire, Etude on a Pentatonic Scale in Level 5 Etude, Panda Blues in Prep A Repertoire, Flowing Stream beneath a Little Bridge in Level 4 Repertoire, and etc.


The Celebration Series® serves the internationally renowned RCM Certificate Program that provides a progressive path for music study with the focus on developing well-rounded musicians and celebrating the achievements of students at all levels. From the year of 2022 to 2030, there are estimated more than 20,000 piano teachers and 200,000 piano students will adopt the RCM Celebration Series® as their piano curriculum in Canada and the US.

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